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Landscapes reflect the long-term interaction between people and nature. This interaction is constantly changing and with it the landscapes also change. By mapping the cultural-historical, ecological stratification and landscape aspects and economic development and memories of the plantations in an organized manner, a coherent story is created of the history and value of the area. That story is recorded in a ‘landscape biography’.

The Plantation Landscape occupies a special place in the history of Bonaire. Insight into the history of the plantations, and knowledge about the relics that are the tangible memories of them, is of great value for their preservation.

Commissioned by the public body of Bonaire and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Cocari II Foundation is producing a landscape biography about the plantations on Bonaire. Planned delivery: first quarter 2024.


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Goverment of Bonaire, Stinapa en steering committee ‘Land & Water’.

Ministries of LNV, I&W, VRO, BZK, Cultural Heritage Agency, National Archives, FUHIKUBO

Project Manager:
Cocari II Foundation

Project team:
The landscape biography is a co-production of FuHiKuBo and Strootman Landscape Architects under the leadership of the Cocari II foundation and with the cooperation of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the National Archives and others.

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